mm2pov tutorial

Yet Another Pretty Picture

To convert a MacroModel file, type

mm2pov [input file ] [output file]

The input file can be any Macromodel data file, although only the first structure will be converted for multi-structure files. The output file should be given the extension '.pov' (although this is not done automatically).

You can now run POV with

povray +i[filename] +d

for a test run and

povray highres +i[filename] +d

for the final high-resolution antialiased image. This will create a file called [filename].tga which can then be converted to GIF or JPEG or whatever using your favourite image manipulation program. You can change the size and quality of the generated image by giving POV other options: type 'povray' for a quick summary of options, type 'man povray' for some more in-depth help, or look at the on-line documentation.


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