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Beilstein Home Page

Beilstein is available to all UK academic institutions. The service runs from Manchester. New users should read the registration information. The software and documentation which are needed for Beilstein/Crossfire are available on-line. A Quick Reference Guide is available from MIMAS.

A training system FirePower is available. Finian Leeper has provided notes on using Beilstein. Advice on how to search faster is available.

Cambridge Users: Everyone must register with Mimas to use Beilstein. In order to do this:
  • Obtain an Athens password
  • Go to the User Registration page at MIMAS. Follow the instructions to obtain a new personal username and password.
  • Start Beilstein Commander running. Choose "Connections" from the "Options" menu. Change the TCP/IP Address or Hostname to
    Check that the "Path to the Crossfire Server" is set to: /xfire/bin
    The "Crossfire Root Directory" should be: /xfire
    If you are are using a Macintosh, the MacTCP option should also be selected.
  • The 'Group Name' for Cambridge is cam
  • You should now be able to access the Beilstein database at MIMAS. Some computers seem to require the numeric IP address rather than
The local contact is Michael Wilson of the Scientific Periodical Library.

September 2000:
Beilstein Commander 2000 is now available

April 1999:
The password system for Beilstein is changing. In order to continue using Beilstein, you must set up a personal userID for Athens. You may already have done this in order to access BIDS.

June 1998:
Midas is renamed MIMAS

June 1997:
A trial version of Autonom, which will name organic molecules is available from Beilstein

May-August 1997:
CrossFire Abstracts are available for a four month free trial from 6th May 1997. In order to use this facility, choose the database BS9701AB in Beilstein Commander, rather than BS9701PR, which may be the default. Abstracts are not available for all papers cited. Feedback is needed in order to help JISC decide whether the additional cost of the abstracts is worthwhile. Please send comments to More details are available from MIMAS.

May-June 1997:
The Beilstein/Crossfire service for UK academic institutions is moving from Daresbury to MIMAS at the University of Manchester. Details of the move are available.

September 1996:
An agreement has been reached which will make Beilstein/Gmelin Crossfire available for five years to UK academic institutions

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