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  • Jean-Pierre Hansen FRS Publications (1997)

    Van der Waals-like instability in suspensions of mutually repelling charged colloids
    vanRoij R, Hansen JP
    PHYS REV LETT, 1997, 16, 3082-3085.

    Friction tensor for a pair of Brownian particles: Spurious finite-size effects and molecular dynamics estimates
    Bocquet L, Hansen JP, Piasecki J
    J STAT PHYS, 1997-10, 01-Feb, 321-346.

    Wigner-Seitz model of charged lamellar colloidal dispersions
    Trizac E, Hansen JP
    PHYS REV E, 1997-09, 3, 3137-3149.

    Polarizability of an electric double-layer
    Trizac E, Hansen JP
    CR ACAD SCI II B, 1997-07, 1, 15-20.

    Local fluctuations in a fluidized granular medium
    Helal K, Biben T, Hansen JP
    PHYSICA A, 1997, 01-Feb, 361-373.

    The Wigner-Seitz model for concentrated clay suspensions
    Trizac E, Hansen JP

    Statistical model for the structure and gelation of smectite clay suspensions
    Dijkstra M, Hansen JP, Madden PA
    PHYS REV E, 1997-03, 3, 3044-3053.

    Osmotic depletion, non-additivity and phase separation
    Biben T, Hansen JP
    PHYSICA A, 1997, 01-Feb, 142-148.

    Electric double layers around finite-size clay particles
    Hansen JP, Trizac E
    PHYSICA A, 1997, 01-Feb, 257-268.

    Structure and dynamics of suspensions from first principles?
    Bocquet L, Hansen JP
    PHYSICS OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS, 1997, 283-299.

    Gabriel Lippmann, physicien et inventeur à la charnière de deux epoques
    Hansen JP
    , 1997, 17-24.

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