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  • Jean-Pierre Hansen FRS Publications (1999)

    Self-diffusion of grains in a two-dimensional vibrofluidized bed
    Wildman RD, Huntley JM, Hansen JP
    PHYS REV E, 1999-12, 6, 7066-7075.

    Plasma-insulator transition of spin-polarized hydrogen
    Xu H, Hansen JP
    PHYS REV E, 1999-07, 1, R9-R12.

    The structure of colloid-polymer mixtures
    Louis AA, Finken R, Hansen JP
    EUROPHYS LETT, 1999, 6, 741-747.

    Attraction between like-charged colloidal particles induced by a surface: A density-functional analysis
    Goulding D, Hansen JP
    EUROPHYS LETT, 1999, 3, 407-413.

    Influence of capillary confinement on the equilibrium shape of vesicles
    Helal K, Biben T, Hansen JP
    J PHYS-CONDENS MAT, 1999, 6, L51-L58.

    Phase diagram of charge-stabilized colloidal suspensions: van der Waals instability without attractive forces
    van Roij R, Dijkstra M, Hansen JP
    PHYS REV E, 1999-02, 2, 2010-2025.

    Sedimentation equilibria of colloidal hard rod dispersions
    Allen R, Goulding D, Hansen JP
    PHYSCHEMCOMM, 1999, 7, -. DOI: 10.1039/a905089b

    Phase behaviour of colloidal systems
    Hansen JP, Pusey PN
    Europhysics News, 1999, 3, 81-83. DOI: 10.1007/s00770-999-0081-0

    New approaches to problems in liquid state theory: Inhomogeneities and phase separation in simple, complex and quantum fluids
    Caccamo C, Hansen JP, Stell G
    NATO ASI Science Series C, Mathematical and physical sciences, 1999, -.

    Charge-stabilized colloids confined to a slit: A case for attraction between like charged particles
    Goulding D, Hansen JP

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