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  • Nicholas C Handy FRS Publications (2001)

    Ab initio prediction of the vibrational-rotational energy levels of hydrogen peroxide and its isotopomers
    Koput J, Carter S, Handy NC
    J CHEM PHYS, 2001-11, 18, 8345-8350.

    Theoretical determination of the vibrational levels of NH3+ and its isotopomers
    Leonard C, Carter S, Handy NC, Knowles PJ
    MOL PHYS, 2001-08, 16, 1335-1346.

    Assessment of a new local exchange functional OPTX
    Hoe WM, Cohen AJ, Handy NC
    CHEM PHYS LETT, 2001, 03-Apr, 319-328.

    Kinetic energy functionals for molecular calculations
    King RA, Handy NC
    MOL PHYS, 2001-06, 12, 1005-1009.

    A new parametrization of exchange-correlation generalized gradient approximation functionals
    Boese AD, Handy NC
    J CHEM PHYS, 2001, 13, 5497-5503.

    Dynamic correlation
    Cohen AJ, Handy NC
    MOL PHYS, 2001-04, 7, 607-615.

    The vibrations of glyoxal, studied by 'Multimode', with a large amplitude motion, using an ab initio potential surface
    Tew DP, Handy NC, Carter S
    MOL PHYS, 2001-03, 5, 393-402.

    Left-right correlation energy
    Handy NC, Cohen AJ
    MOL PHYS, 2001-03, 5, 403-412.

    Thomas-Fermi-Dirac-von Weizsacker models in finite systems
    Chan GKL, Cohen AJ, Handy NC
    J CHEM PHYS, 2001, 2, 631-638.

    The selective population of the vibrational levels of thioformaldehyde
    Leonard C, Chambaud G, Rosmus P, Carter S, Handy NC
    PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS, 2001, 4, 508-513.

    Glyoxal studied with 'Multimode', explicit large amplitude motion and anharmonicity
    Tew DP, Handy NC, Carter S
    PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS, 2001, 11, 1958-1964.

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