Department of Chemistry

Dominic S Wright Publications (2002)

Syntheses and magnetic properties of hexanuclear [Cp2Mn3(L1)4]2 and octanuclear [Mn8(L2)12(mu 4-O)2] (L1 = 2-HNC5H5N, L2 = 2-NH-3-Br-5-MeC5H3N, Cp = C5H5).
Alvarez CS, Bond AD, Cave D, Mosquera ME, Harron EA, Layfield RA, McPartlin M, Rawson JM, Wood PT, Wright DS
Chem Commun (Camb), 2002, 24, 2980-2981.

"Suggestion of a ""twist"" mechanism in the oligomerisation of a dimeric phospha(III)zane: Insights into the selection of adamantoid and macrocyclic alternatives"
Bashall A, Doyle EL, Garcia F, Lawson GT, Linton DJ, Moncrieff D, McPartlin M, Woods AD, Wright DS
CHEM-EUR J, 2002, 24, 5723-5731.

Formation and decomposition of the Sb(III)/Li cage [{Sb(P-t-BU)3}2Li6·6thf]
Bashall A, García F, Lawson GT, McPartlin M, Rothenberger A, Woods AD, Wright DS
Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2002, 11, 1421-1427.

Templating and selection in the formation of macrocycles containing [{P(mu-NtBu)(2)}(mu-NH)](n) frameworks: Observation of halide ion coordination
Bashall A, Bond AD, Doyle EL, Garcia F, Kidd S, Lawson GT, Parry MC, McPartlin M, Woods AD, Wright DS
CHEM-EUR J, 2002, 15, 3377-3385.

Synthesis of a deca-lithium cage containing an [(RN)2As(mu-NR)As(NR)2]4- tetraanion; a homologue of group 15 trianions of the type [E(NR)3]3-.
Bond AD, García F, Jantos K, Lawson GT, McPartlin M, Wright DS
Chem Commun (Camb), 2002, 12, 1276-1277.

Interpreting molecular crystal disorder in plumbocene, Pb(C5H5)(2): Insight from theory
Morrison CA, Wright DS, Layfield RA
J AM CHEM SOC, 2002, 23, 6775-6780. DOI: 10.1021/ja025709f

A new, tetragonal, helical phase of plumbocene, Cp2Pb; variations on a molecular string (Cp = C5H5)
Layfield RA, Morrison CA, Wright DS
J ORGANOMET CHEM, 2002, 01-Feb, 75-76.

Formation of double cubanes [Sn-7(NR)(8)] in the reactions of pyridyl and pyrimidinyl amines with Sn(NMe2)(2) : A synthetic and theoretical study
Armstrong DR, Benevelli F, Bond AD, Feeder N, Harron EA, Hopkins AD, McPartlin M, Moncrieff D, Saez D, Quadrelli EA, Woods AD, Wright DS
INORG CHEM, 2002, 6, 1492-1501. DOI: 10.1021/ic011090r

Synthesis, structures and coordination behaviour of [As(NR)(3)](3-) trianions
Bashall A, Bond AD, Hopkins AD, Kidd SJ, McPartlin M, Steiner A, Wolf R, Woods AD, Wright DS
J CHEM SOC DALTON, 2002, 3, 343-351. DOI: 10.1039/b106913f

Syntheses and structures of the cubanes [PhOSb(mu(3)-NCy)](4) and [pyOBi(mu(3)-NCy)](4) (Cy = cyclohexyl, py=2-pyridyl)
Bickley JF, Bond AD, Garcia F, Jantos K, Lawson GT, McPartlin M, Steiner A, Wright DS
J CHEM SOC DALTON, 2002, 24, 4629-4633. DOI: 10.1039/b208302g

Nucleophilic addition to a Sn(II) imido cubane, [SnNR](4); a new route to heteroleptic stannates
Bond AD, Harron EA, Lawson GT, Mosquera MEG, McPartlin M, Wright DS
J CHEM SOC DALTON, 2002, 18, 3525-3528. DOI: 10.1039/b204340h

Synthesis and structure of [{Sb(μ-NCy)}2(μ-N)]3(Li·THF)3- (LiN=NH), containing a macrocyclic [{Sb(μ-NCy)}2N]3 3- trianion
García F, Linton DJ, McPartlin M, Rothenberger A, Wheatley AEH, Wright DS
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 2002, 4, 481-483.

Armstrong DR, Ball SC, Barr D, Clegg W, Linton DJ, Kerr LC, Moncrieff D, Raithby PR, Singer RJ, Snaith R, Stalke D, Wheatley AEH, Wright DS
Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions, 12, -. DOI: 10.1039/B107970k

Effects of meta-substitution on aggregation in the cubanes [SnNR](4) {R = [2-Me-5-MeOC6H3], [2,5-(MeO)(2)C6H3] and [3,5-(MeO)(2)C6H3]}
Bashall A, Ciulli A, Harron EA, Lawson GT, McPartlin M, Mosquera MEG, Wright DS
J CHEM SOC DALTON, 2002, 6, 1046-1050. DOI: 10.1039/b107425c