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Ion beam analysis
SEC / thermal analysis
Prof. J.S. Badyal
Prof. Colin D. Bain
Dr. A. Beeby
Prof. M.R. Bryce
Dr. N.R. Cameron
Prof. R.D. Chambers
Dr. N. Clarke
Dr. Karl Coleman
Dr. S.J. Cooper
Dr. M.R. Crampton
Dr. R.S. Dickins
Dr. K.B. Dillon
Dr. P.W. Dyer
Dr. J.S.O. Evans
Dr. Ivana Radosavljevic Evans
Prof. W.J. Feast
Prof. K. Wade, FRS
Dr. A.E. Goeta
Dr. E.J. Grayson
Prof. R.K. Harris
Dr. P. Hodgkinson
Dr. D.R.W. Hodgson
Prof. J.A.K. Howard
Dr. A.K. Hughes
Dr. L.R. Hutchings
Prof. J.M. Hutson
Dr. R. Kataky
Dr. A. M. Kenwright
Dr. A.M. Kenwright
Dr. E. Khosravi
Dr. P.J. Low
Prof. T.B. Marder
solid-state NMR
solution-state NMR
Dr. AnnMarie C. O'Donoghue
Prof. D. Parker
Prof. Kosmas Prassides
Dr. L-O. Pålsson
High Resolution
Very Low Resolution
Low Resolution
High Resolution
Very Low Resolution
Low Resolution
Dr. J.M. Sanderson
Dr. G. Sandford
Mass spectroscopy
Dr. J.W. Steed
Dr. P.G. Steel
Dr. R.L. Thompson
Dr. D.J. Tozer
About us
Dr. A. Whiting
Dr. D.L.H. Williams
Dr. J.A.G. Williams
Dr. M.R. Wilson
Dr. E. Wrede

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