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Kent at Canterbury

Dr. R.E. Benfield
Dr. S.C.G.Biagini
Dr. L.L. Boyle
Prof. J.B. Brown
Dr. M.J. Burchell
Prof. A.V. Chadwick
Prof. J.A. Connor
Dr. J.A. Creighton
Prof. R.S. Davidson
Signpost Document
Prof. J.C.Dore
Dr. W.A.B. Evans
Functional Materials Group
Forensic Imaging Group
Applied Optics Group
School Guidelines
Dr. F.R.Heirtzler
Dr. S.J.Holder
Prof. D.A. Jackson
Prof.. R.G. Jones
Dr. D.Khushalani
Dr. Philip Lindan
Mrs. L.M.Lough
Porous Media
Dr. J.Miao
Electro-optical and acousto-optical micro-structures
Dr. G.Mountjoy
Prof. C.N. Pannell
Campus Plan
Lab Floor Plans
Dr. A. Gh. Podoleanu
Prof. J.G. Powles
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Prof. G. Rickayzen
Dr. L.H. Ryder
Neutron and X-ray scattering
Dr. S.Serjeant
Dr. D.O. Smith
Dr. C.J. Solomon
Prof. J.H. Strange
Prof. J.F.J. Todd
Dr. M.J. Went
Prof. G.J.White
Prof. A. Williams
Dr. J.D. Wright

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