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Spiro and Dispiro-1,2,4-trioxolanes as Antimalarial Peroxides: Charting a Workable Structure-Activity Relationship Using Simple Prototypes
Y. Dong, J. Chollet, H. Matile, S. A. Charman, F. C. K. Chiu, W. N. Charman, B. Scorneaux, H. Urwyler, J. Santo Tomas, C. Scheurer, C. Snyder, A. Dorn, X. Wang, J. M. Karle, Y. Tang, S. Wittlin, R. Brun, and J. L. Vennerstrom J. Med. Chem. 2005, 48, 4953-4961.
DOI: 10.1021/jm049040u


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MInChI v0.9
MInChIxe1 C22H36N2O4 c1xh20xl2xc2 3xr13xh24xh1 9xl25xr12xh1 4xh3xh5xh21x l6xh4xh14xr2 6xh22xl28xh2 7xh21xr17xh8 xh15xh7xh16x l10xh17xr11x h18xl22xr9xh 15xsh14xh18H xc3xh13xc23H 2xc1xh2H3xcx lHxc24xc25xr xst14xhxc15x qxc16xqxc17x qxc18xqxc21x pxc22xh

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