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Platensimycin is a selective FabF inhibitor with potent antibiotic properties
J. Wang, S. M. Soisson, K. Young, W. Shoop, S. Kodali, A. Galgoci, R. Painter, G. Parthasarathy, Y. S. Tang, R. Cummings, S. Ha, K. Dorso, M. Motyl, H. Jayasuriya, J. Ondeyka, K. Herath, C. Zhang, L. Hernandez, J. Allocco, A. Basilio, J. R. Tormo, O. Genilloud, F. Vicente, F. Palaez, L. Colwell, S. H. Lee, B. Michael, T. Felcetto, C. Gill, L. L. Silver, J. D. Hermes, K. Bartizal, J. Barrett, D. Schmatz, J. W. Becker, D. Cully and S. B. Singh. Nature 2006, 441, 358-361.
DOI: 10.1038/nature04784


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MInChI v0.9
MInChIxe1 C24H27NO7 c1xh22xl7xh6 xh17xl28xr25 xh18xh14xl26 xr4xh3xh13xl 19xl18xr29xr 21xl30xr31xr 16xl27xr5xh8 xh24xh10xh12 xh9xh15xl20x l22xr24xr32x h23xl12xc2xr 11xh24xsh3xh 5xc8xc12xc15 xc20xc26xc29 Hxc6xh7xc9xh 11H2xc1xh2H3 xcxlHxc25xc2 8xrxlHxc30xc 31xrxst12xhx c15xpxc20xpx c22xhxc23xpx c24xpxsm1xss 1

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PDB geometry from 1000 step Gack conformation analysis using MMFF forcefield.
Updated: 9 June 2006

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