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This table will help you calculate the amounts needed for a chemical synthesis or to check a known synthesis. Enter any known values for each substance and press the calculate button. Normally one of the substances would have its weight, molecular weight and molar ratio known, and the values for the other substances would be calculated from their respective mw's and molar ratios. However, many other combinations are possible, such as volume + density instead of weight. It is possible to enter too much information, in which case the calculator might ignore or change the superfluous data. Because of this, the answer should always be internally consistent, but you will need to check to see if it has changed anything you didn't expect it to. The "total weight" field is only used when the purity of the reactant is known to be less than 100% and is calculated last of all. Due to the way it presently calculated, there can be some small rounding errors introduced, especially if the units selected give small numbers.

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