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   Experimental Data Checker

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Experimental data checker: better information for organic chemists
S. E. Adams, J. M. Goodman, R. J. Kidd, A. D. McNaught, P. Murray-Rust, F. R. Norton, J. A. Townsend and C. A. Waudby Org. Biomol. Chem. 2004, 2, 3067-3070.

An application based on the same code but with more functionality is also available. The RSC Publishing website has more information about this resource.

We expect that the principles behind this checker can be used and extended in the following ways:

  • Authors: to check that the experimental details in a paper to be submitted are correct and consistent
  • Authors: to analyse and store the experimental data in a structured form which can be stored, interrogated and reused.
  • Referees: to check that the experimental details are correct and consistent
  • Publishers: to check data consistency and make available collections of experimental data
  • Publishers: to display experimental data in more visually appealing ways.

To check the data used in this applet, look at:

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