Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 4; April 2006

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman

CODATA Workshop on Strategies for Permanent Access to Scientific Information
The CODATA Workshop on Strategies for Permanent Access to Scientific Information in Southern Africa: Focus on Health and Environmental Information for Sustainable Development, has made its final report available.

Nature has changed from one journal into a family of thirty journals, at correspondingly increased cost to libraries.

Science on retracted papers
Science has articles on retracted papers. What happens after papers are retracted? They may continue to be cited. Publishers do not have a consistent policy on marking retracted on-line version. A paper has recently been retracted from the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and it is clearly marked as such in the on-line table of contents.

Exploratory Centres for Cheminformatics Research
The NIH called for proposals for cheminformatics reseach, and six centres have started cheminformatics centres as a result:

Newton the chemist
As well as being a mathematician, physicist and Member of Parliament, Isaac Newton studied chemistry.

Pirelli Internetional Award
In May 2006, registration will open for the Eleventh Pirelli INTERNETional Award, an international multimedia competition for the communication of science and diffusion of scientific and technological culture entirely carried out on the Internet.

ACS president's views on open access
Ann Nalley, the ACS president, has written to members with her views on open access publishing. She asks "Is this change for its own sake?" This leads on from her predecessor's letters on similar issues (see Chem. Inf. Lett. 2005, 11m #4, 48).

Ugly web sites can work well
The most beautiful websites are not necessarily the most successful. This article suggests that content is more important than presentation, and also may convey a sense of trust.

Wiley and e-Journal Archiving
How long will on-line access continue? What happens when journals, or even publishers, cease to operate? Can long-term access to information be guarantied? Wiley has addressed this issue by joining the Portico archive an electronic-archiving initiative launched by JSTOR. Should participants cease to make its e-journal content available, there is a mechanism for Portico to keep providing content to subscribers. The CLOCKSS project, derived from the Stanford University library's LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe), may also be used to ensure continuing availability of journals.

Compulsory copyright law classes?
California is considering insisting that copyright law is taught to students, as the USPTO considers improving software patents. It has been suggested that open source software has been an important driver in this. The current system allows too much to be patented.

CoEPrA 2006 - Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms
The CoEPrA 2006 competition is now open. CoEPrA (Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms) is a modelling competition to provide objective testing for classification and regression algorithms via the process of blind prediction.

List of conferences
Chemical Informatics Letters has a new conference list, focussed on chemical informatics and related ares. If you want to suggest a conference is included in the list, e-mail with the subject line "CIL conference". The e-mail should have the structure:
Line 1: Dates
Line 2: Title
Line 3: URL
Line 4: blank
Subsequent lines - any other information (this is unlikely to be included on the website)
Conferences suggested in this way will be considered for inclusion on the list.

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