Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 1; July 2000

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman


MSc in Chemoinformatics at Sheffield
This course includes Java programming, object-oriented programming and molecular modelling, in addition to a dissertation and lectures on chemical informatics.

CAS statistical summary
A statistical summary of some aspects of Chemical Abstracts (1907-1999) is available

Challenges of the Grid (Nature 2000, 406, 331)
Nature has an 'Opinion' on the Grid (see European Grid Forum or Grid Forum) which aims to foster the cooperative use of distributed computing resources. Using XML, CORBA and other protocols it is possible for computers to understand each other's content. How can this opportunity be used?

Chemoinformatics: Computational Tools for Lead Discovery
This is the second joint conference organised by the Chemical Structure Association and the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society. It will be held in Sheffield, 9th-11th April, 2001. The deadline for submitting papers is 15th September 2000.

Science's Neglected Legacy (Nature 2000, 405, 117-120)
An intellectual propert attorney, Stephen M Maurer, writes in a commentary that large, sophisticated databases cannot be left to chance and improvisation.

BBSRC call for proposals in Bioinformatics
Applications are invited for BBSRC studentships, starting October 2001. Deadline: August 4th, 2000.

Web Sites:

Human Genome Project Working Draft Sequence
A preliminary assembly of the current draft of the human genome.

Professor Jie Liang (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Professor Liang's research interests include structural bioinformatics, cheminformatics, drug discovery, data mining, and computational biology. He directs the molecular informatics laboratory in the Bioengineering Department.

The Chemoinformatics Group at the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology
This group works on computer-assisted structure elucidation and is developing the JChemPaint editor.

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