Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 3; September 2000

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman


ASIS 2000: Knowledge Innovations
The American Society for Information Science (ASIS) is holding its annual conference, Saturday 11th - Thursday 16th November 2000, in Chicago.

Chemistry and the Internet: ChemInt 2000
This conference, organised by Henry Rzepa, Stephen Heller, and Wolf-Dietrich Ihlenfeldt, will examine current and future technologies and applications for chemistry and the internet. It will run 23th - Tuesday 26th September 2000, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

MSI to buy Oxford Molecular's Software Business
MSI are buying Oxford Molecular. This will strengthen MSI's expertise in bioinformatics and in cheminformatics products. Recently, MSI has also bought Synopsys Scientific Systems.

ChemWeb PrePrint Server
A preprint server for chemistry. Does this fit in with the culture of chemistry? There is a successful physics preprint server, which covers physics, and related disciplines, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics, and neuroscience. The USA Department of Energy also runs a preprint network for physics, materials, chemistry and some biological subjects.

NFCR Center for Computational Drug Design
Oxford University has announced the creation of a Center for Computational Drug Design. Professor Graham Richards will be the director.

Derek: toxicology prediction
Using a knowledge base, DEREK predicts toxicology information from molecular structures.

An Introduction to Structural Bioinformatics
This course which covers sequence analysis, database searching and molecular modelling applied to proteins will be run at York, Monday 11th - Thursday 14th September 2000.

Web Sites:

Chemical Informatics at Indiana University
The School of Informatics in Bloomington (Indiana University) offers an MS in Chemical Informatics. Core courses include organic chemistry. A wide range of electives are available, including C++ programming and many chemistry courses.

UK-QSAR and ChemoInformatics Group
This group organises twice yearly meetings. The web site includes a bulletin board.

Professor Frank Hollinger
Professor Frank Hollinger runs computational chemistry and chemoinformatics courses at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

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