Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 1, Issue 6; December 2000

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman


The Pharma-Transfer Internet database brings together previously unpublished pharmaceutical research information from all over the world. Its scope ranges from very early stage, pre-patented discovery ideas right through to proof of concept at Phase IIa, allowing the system to encompass ideas and information from academia, private laboratories and biotechnology groups, as well as from the big pharma companies themselves. The information is provided in concise abstracts, summarising drug development programmes and innovations within developing technologies from commercial and academic research groups worldwide. Guests to the site can gain limited access, in order to assess the quality and usefulness of the database. Guests are allowed unlimited access to all areas of the Pharma-Transfer website, including full use of its comprehensive search capabilities. However,guests will only have access to a very limited number of abstracts By December 2001 it is anticipated that there will be in excess of 32,000 abstracts on the database.

Analytical informatics news
Bio-Rad / Sadtler's newsletter for chemists and spectroscopists.

Journal of the Chemical Computing Group
Chemical Computing Group Inc produce molecular modelling programs, including MOE, the Molecular Operating Environment.

The Open Science Project
The OpenScience project is dedicated to writing and releasing free and Open Source scientific software. Projects include Jmol a molecular viewer and editor.

The Open Lab
The Open Lab and are non-profit organization committed to opening access to bioinformatics research projects, providing Open Source software for bioinformatics by hosting its development, and keeping biological information freely available. They are hosted at the Centre for Intelligent Biomaterials at the University of Massachussetts, Lowell.

An index to lists of journal abbreviations

MestRe-C is a PC program for analysing NMR spectra. A similar program for the Apple Mac, Swan is also available.

Web Sites:

Molecular Networks
Molecular Networks provides software for chemical and biochemical sciences. Areas of interest include: rational drug design, combinatorial chemistry, organic reactions and synthesis, process development, structure elucidation and data analysis. Products include the 3D structure generator CORINA, and PETRA (Parameter Estimation for the Treatment of Reactivity Applications) which calculates physicochemical effects in molecules.

Search Engine Watch
How can search engines be used most effectively? This site presents some answers.

Information retrieval in chemistry
A ChemInformatics site, based in the Institute of Physical Chemistry NCSR 'Demokritos', Athens.

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