Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 2, Issue 3; March 2001

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman


Common User Agent Problems
This note, from the w3 consortium, gives an account of some common mistakes in user agents due to incorrect or incomplete implementation of specifications, and suggests remedies. It also suggests what should be done where the specifications are incomplete.

Standards for Topic Maps
Topic maps, a concept in organising information, provide a standardized notation for interchangeably representing information about the structure of information resources used to define topics, and the relationships between topics. The standard is available. There are many resources describing these, including "learn more about Topic Maps". An alternate description is also available, in terms of XML cover pages

Thermo Galactic
Galactic has been taken over by the informatics group in the Life sciences division of Thermo Electron a laboratory systems manufacturer.

MSDS databases
A site to search on-line safety data, which comes with a disclaimer that the information should be used at the reader's own risk.

Organic Chemistry On-Line
"A Living Document of Internet Resources, Information and Applications" assembled by Professor Nick Turro of Columbia University and Professor Ron Rusay of Diablo Valley College and UC Berkeley. This site is an index to a wide range of web-based material for organic chemistry. Another organic chemistry text book is available from the Universtiy of Illinois at Springfield.

Web Reactions
Web reactions is an organic reactions retrieval system, offering direct retrieval of reaction precedents through the internet, from J. B. Hendrickson (the author of SYNGEN) and T. L. Sander. It uses a Java applet, which does not run in all web browsers.

Netscape and Internet Explorer are not everything. Opera is much faster, perhaps because it is rather simpler. A preliminary release is available for download, but it does not have Java support yet.

Web access to a database of spectra. Free access to about 5000 spectra in order to test the service.

EuroChemWeb and BioPharmaWeb
Two new 'on-line communities' have been started by VerticalNet Europe 'The Internet's leading network of business-to-business trading communities' according to their own press release. The company is a joint venture with British Telecommunications plc and the Internet Capital Group. EuroChemWeb is for chemical and process industry professionals, and BioPharmaWeb is for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry professionals. Despite the similar name, this seems to have no connection to ChemWeb.

Web Sites:

Chemical Information for Organic Chemistry
This site is run from Columbia University, and contains a list of chemical information sources.

Chicago University Chemistry Library
The Chicago University Chemistry Library is an impressive example of how on-line information can be managed. The librarian is Andrea Twiss-Brooks, the webmaster for the ACS division of Chemical Information.

Molecular Knowledge Systems
Software for physical property estimation and molecular design

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