Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 3, Issue 4; October 2001

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman


PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway
PSIgate is a part of the Resource Discovery Network and funded by JISC. It was launched in Manchester on 10th September. See also HERO, an internet portal for higher education and academic research in the UK.

Julia Goodfellow to head BBSRC
Professor Julia Goodfellow, from Birkbeck College, is to be the new head of the BBSRC, succeeding Professor Ray Baker.

Highly Cited
What do you have to do to be highly cited? The Institute for Scientific Information has a list of the most highly cited scientists. What does CAS think? The Chemical Abstracts Service has another approach to highly cited information: Spotlight.

Masters Degrees in Chemical Informatics
There are now three masters programs in chemical informatics. The three courses all have a number of collaborating departments, require a first degree in chemistry or a related subject, and all of them require a dissertation as a part of the assessment. The Indiana course lasts for two years, and there is a BS option as well as an MS. The UK courses are both one year.

Science Direct
Science Direct is "the premier electronic information service for the interdisciplinary research needs of academic, corporate and educational institutions, offering comprehensive coverage of literature across all fields of science" and is run by Elsevier. It is not very clear from the web site how much it costs to access the service.

IUPAC nomenclature
ACD labs have a web-based version of the IUPAC nomenclature rules. Another source of these data are the pages at Queen Mary and Westfield College, run by Dr Gerry Moss.

Web Start
New product from Sun, which makes it easier to run Java applications. You can now download and launch Java applications without going through additional installation procedures.

OpenEye is a software company whose mission is "to provide tools to address the explosion of chemical data". It is particularly interested in electrostatics and shape. Staff include Anthony Nicholls, who contributed to DelPhi and Grasp, and Roger Sayle, the author of RasMol

Sanger Centre Software
An index of the software available from the Sanger Centre. This include Artemis, a DNA sequence viewer and annotation tool, which is written in Java and can be downloaded with its source code.

Web Sites:

ChemSoc Time Line
A time line for chemistry. How has the subject developed since the beginning of the universe?

Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills
A new book on skills specific for bioinformatics. What skills are needed? Unix, Perl, and SQL figure prominently.

Charting the pathways of life... A developer, supplier and distributor of uniquely sourced and characterized reagents and assays for biopharmaceutical and academic research. The BioCarta web site serves as an interactive web-based resource for life scientists.

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