Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 6; June 2002

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman


ACS backfile
The ACS Web Editions subscription will include only the current year and four previous years. Libraries that do not also buy the Archives subscription will lose access to earlier content, and, each year, to one more year of earlier content. If a library cancels the archives subscription, all access to that content will be lost. The Royal Society of Chemistry has recently announced free backfiles: " Each institutional subscriber is entitled to continuing, perpetual access to and use of the publications to which it has subscribed, published electronically during the period of its paid subscription".

Chemical Consultants
A network of chemical consultants, supported by AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers ) and the ACS (a sub-group of the Philadelphia Section of the ACS). It has several hundred members, mainly located between New Jersey and Delaware.

Infotrieve, in its own words is "the definitive research portal, leading the market in article research and delivery." The company has endowed a documents delivery service at UCLA. It provides articles from many sources including PubList and MEDLINE.

BLAST faster
AltiVec technology on the PowerMac G4 processor means that BLAST sequence searches can run particularly quickly on Apple's processor.

Prestige Factor gone
A startup company that challenged the ISI establishment and its prestigious Journal Impact Factor, has come and gone. is no more.

Active library - fast and secure delivery of information through peer-to-peer networks. The company was formed in 1997 and is a 'spin-off' from Dr Iain Buchan's group in the Medical Informatics Unit of the University of Cambridge.

A guide to Log P and pKa measurements and their use by Mark Earll BSc(Hons) CChem MRSC.

A cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas, from the National Library of Medicine (USA). The NLM also provides Information on Hazardous Chemicals and Occupational Diseases.

What Every Chemist Should Know about Patents
The 3rd edition of the American Chemical Society Committee on Patents and Related Matter's patent primer, "What Every Chemist Should Know about Patents", is available on the website of the ACS Office of Legislative and Government Affairs. This booklet covers the basics of patent law, with a USA slant.

Open content network
A peer-to-peer system: "We are in the process of creating the Open Content Network, which aims to be the world's largest content delivery network (CDN). Users will soon be able to download open source and public domain software, movies, and music at incredibly fast speeds from this global, distributed network. " Using a new p2p technology, the "Content-Addressable Web", users will be able to use their computers to help the network.

Web Sites:

A new search engine, which group the results of searches together as maps. For example, a search on "chemical informatics" (June 2002) gives a map which includes: Cambridge Chemistry (with the largest highlighting blob) linked with the Chemical Informatics pages at Indiana University, and various other sites: (University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database) (GenomeNet)

Erlangen/Frederick/Bethesda Collaboration
Also called the Erlangen/Bethesda Data and Online Services - provides structures, data, tools, programs and other useful information. and will probably be most useful for researchers in chemical information and computer-aided drug design (CADD).

Acros Organics
Free search of 6000 ir spectra, from Acros Organics.

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