Chemical Informatics Letters

Volume 7, Issue 1; July 2003

Editor: Jonathan M Goodman

FDA: library of chemical information
The US Food and Drug Administration now provides a library of chemical information.

Isotope Effects Toolkit
This web site from the Technical University of Lodz provides a suite of programs for calculations of kinetic or equilibrium isotope effects using results of major quantum mechanical packages.

The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) works to improve the flow of scientific information, especially for countries with less developed systems of publication and dissemination. It was established in 1992 by the International Council for Science. It supports the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) that distributes over 7500 full text electronic journals and databases. In 2002 INASP also conducted a survey of many publishers to determine what if any programs they had available for disseminating scientific information to the developing world.

The MIT Computational and Systems Biology Initiative (CSBi) links biology, computer science and engineering in an approach to the analysis of complex biological problems. It is co-chaired by Bruce Tidor and Peter Sorger.

Glossary for Toxicokinetics of Chemicals
This IUPAC glossary (Provisional Recommendation) defines common terms multidisciplinary field of toxicokinetics. It was compiled primarily for chemists working in toxicology and requiring a knowledge of the expressions used in toxicokinetics.

Wikipedia is a project to create a complete and accurate open content encyclopedia. It was started on January 15, 2001 and there are currently 133412 articles being developed. Other on-line encyclopedias are available which focus on science, including Hyperphysics from Georgia State University, which investigates how physics subjects are linked, and includes connections to chemistry, and ScienceWorld from Wolfram Research - Eric Weisstein's encyclopedia - which includes a section on chemistry.

GIF liberation day
This patent, which covers the GIF image files format, expired on June 20th, 2003. The Free Software Foundation has a comment on this. However, GIF liberation is delayed outside the USA as the counterpart patents in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy expire June 18, 2004, and the Japanese counterpart patents expire June 20, 2004.

JenPep is a database of quantitative binding data for immunological protein-peptide interactions, run from the Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research.

JISC-biomedcentral agreement
JISC (the UK Joint Information Systems Committee) has reached an agreement with BioMed Central: Up to 80,000 medical and clinical researchers at 180 universities will now be able to publish their work at no charge in any of BioMed Central's range of online biomedical journals.

MePNet (Membrane Protein Network) is a research network dedicated to G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR) structural genomic technology, run by Bio-Xtal, a proteomic services company.

A catalogue of biological databases, run by INFOBIOGEN, an organisation founded by the French government and the university Evry Val d'Essonne. The project is a collaboration with the EBI which maintains a list of software for molecular biology and genetics: Biocatalog.

MS Windows OpenGL program, created by Andrew Ryzhkov and Arcady Antipin is destined for visualization of molecules models from quantum chemistry calculations.

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