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   Antonio Llinas

Toni did his first post-Doc with Prof. Mike Page at the University of Huddersfield (where he got his PhD). His research was focused on the mechanisms of the chemistry of β-lactam antibiotics and their derivatives and extended during his post-doc to the study of the mechanism of β-lactamases and peptidases catalysed reactions and the synthesis of inhibitors of metallo- β--lactamases, rationalisation of enzyme catalytic power and enzyme specificity, drug design – enzyme inhibitors, kinetics and mechanisms in organic and biochemistry, intramolecular reactions and proton transfer. During this period at Huddersfield he was in charge of the Chemical and Biological Research labs. Being responsible for more than twenty researchers, from biochemists to medicinal chemists and enzymologists. He was appointed the Health and Safety supervisor of these labs and he introduced a brand new H&S Action plan, which was later adopted and implemented to the rest of the university labs.

He then moved to The University of Cambridge to work with Jonathan Goodman as a research associate and responsible for the set up and running of a new project on the experimental determination of solubilities at the Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics. The project focuses in the extremely accurate measurement of the solubilities of hundreds of drugs and the fully characterisation of the precipitates (DSC, TGA, IR, crystal and powder X-ray).

Toni is a member of the Pfizer Institute for Pharmaceutical Materials Science and he has been awarded several prizes and awards, winner of the 'Physical Organic Residential Meeting Prize Competition'. He is a regular presenter at academic and pharmaceutical related conferences, with more than thirty presentations and invited talks to international meetings.

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