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The Silicon Graphics Workstations are not set up for mail. You will need an account on the PWF, or on another appropriate computer, to do this.

The workstations are not registered for mail on the national name servers. All mail which is addressed outside the system will be received by the system manager. All incoming mail will be lost.

You can send mail to yourself, and occasionally the system may send you mail - particularly if you run batch jobs. If you get a message telling you that you have mail, type mail to read it, then d to delete it.

Mail messages are periodically purged from the system, so do not use mail to store important information. Purges occur when the mail spool gets too large, and will happen without warning.

If you want access to mail facilities, apply for an account on a University Facility (Hermes and the PWF, or CUS). Apply through your college, or Chris Chalk, the Chemistry Department Computer Officer.

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