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   introduction to the world wide web

The World Wide Web

You are running a program which allows you to access data from around the world. In the documents you will often see highlighted phrases or images. If you click on a highlighted phrase, you will be taken to a new page, which is associated with the phrase or image.

Data transfer can be slow, and you may be accessing a computer thousands of miles away without realising it. If you click on 'Home' you will return to the page where you began your exploring.

Searching the WWW

There are a variety of ways of searching for particular subjects on the Internet. The Cambridge University WWW server Searching Page tells you how to do this.

If you are looking for information about a particular chemist, try looking at their Chemistry Department's WWW pages (Click here for an index). The documents on this web server can be searched for keywords.

Writing WWW pages

WWW documents are written in HTML, HyperText Markup Language. The Chemical Information Laboratory has a short introduction to writing documents in HTML, and advice on setting up your own server in the department of chemistry.
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