InChI Working Groups Meetings

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Past meetings 2021

  • Big Molecules and Helm
    4 pm (UK) Tuesday 5th October

  • Markush and Variability:
    5 pm (UK) Monday May 17th
    5 pm (UK) Monday June 14th
    5 pm (UK) Monday July 12th
    5 pm (UK) Monday September 13th
    5 pm (UK) Wednesday October 13th
    5 pm (UK) Monday November 8th
    6 pm (UK) Monday December 6th
    (Jonathan Goodman)

  • Mixtures: May/June
    (Leah McEwen)

  • Nanomaterials:
    May 12th
    June 23rd
    4 pm (UK) Wednesday September 8th
    4 pm (UK) Tuesday December 14th
    (Iseult Lynch)

  • Organometallics:
    May 13th
    (Colin Batchelor)

  • QR Codes:
    workshop in June/July
    (Jeremy Frey and Richard Hartshorn)

  • Reactions:
    5 pm (UK) Monday May 10th
    5 pm (UK) Tuesday June 1st
    5 pm (UK) Monday June 21st
    5 pm (UK) Monday July 5th
    5 pm (UK) Monday July 19th
    5 pm (UK) Tuesday August 10th
    5 pm (UK) Wednesday September 1st
    5 pm (UK) Monday September 20th
    5 pm (UK) Wednesday September 29th
    5 pm (UK) Monday October 18th
    5 pm (UK) Monday November 15th
    5 pm (UK) Monday December 13th
    (Gerd Blanke)

IUPAC InChI Subcommittee
  • IUPAC InChI Subcommittee
    1 pm (UK) Wednesday 27th January
    1 pm (UK) Wednesday 24th February
    1 pm (UK) Wednesday 24th March
    1 pm (UK) Wednesday 26th May
    1 pm (UK) Wednesday 23rd June
    1 pm (UK) Wednesday 28th July
    6 pm (UK) Wednesday September 22nd
    6 pm (UK) Wednesday October 27th
    6 pm (UK) Wednesday December 1st
    (Jonathan Goodman)

Spring 2021 "Cambridge" working groups meetings
How are the diverse working groups for InChI development progressing? This virtual meeting is an opportunity for the working groups to report on their activities and to consult a wider group on the challenges and choices they are facing. The meeting will culminate in an on-line plenary session on Monday 26th April, from 7 pm to 9 pm, UK time.

Monday April 26th, 7 pm (UK), 2 pm (ECT), 9 pm (Moscow), 6 am +1 day (NZ)
Plenary Session
Slides from the plenary session

IUPAC InChI Subcommittee Secretary:
Jonathan Goodman (

Wednesday April 7th
NanoInChI (Iseult Lynch)
Can an InChI for Nano Address the Need for a Simplified Representation of Complex Nanomaterials across Experimental and Nanoinformatics Studies?

Monday April 12th
Variable InChI (Markush/VInChI) (Jonathan Goodman)
InChI: Variable Structures and Markush

Friday April 16th
Open Educational Resources (Bob Belford)
InChI Trust Open Education Resource

Monday April 19th
Reaction InChI (RInChI) (Gerd Blanke)
International chemical identifier for reactions (RInChI)

Monday April 19th, 6 pm (UK), 1 pm (EDT), 2 am (Japan)
Organometallic InChI (Colin Batchelor)

Tuesday April 20th
Mixture InChI (MInChI) (Leah McEwen)
Capturing mixture composition: an open machine-readable format for representing mixed substances

Wednesday April 21st
Extended Stereochemistry (Andrey Erin)

Wednesday April 21st
InChI Resolver (Markus Sitzmann)

Thursday April 22nd
Large Molecules (Evan Bolton)

Thursday April 22nd
QR codes for InChI (Jeremy Frey / Richard Hartshorn)
Experimental, proof-of-concept, QRInChI generator

Friday April 23rd, 5 pm (UK); 12 noon (EDT), 1 am (Japan)
Tautomers (Marc Nicklaus)
Talk from NIH meeting, March 2021

Working groups have also reported at a recent NIH meeting:
Virtual Workshop on International Chemical Identifiers (InChI)
March 22nd – 24th, 2021
Organisers: Steve Heller, Marc Nicklaus, Evan Bolton and Noel Southall

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