the goodman group
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  • Development of new stereoselective reactions and design of new reagents
    • Recent work:
      Sulfonium ylide epoxidation reactions: methylene transfer
      B. R. Bellenie and J. M. Goodman Chem. Comm. 2004, 1076-1077.
  • Chemical Informatics
    • Recent work:
      ROBIA: A Reaction Prediction Program
      I. M. Socorro, K. Taylor and J. M. Goodman Org. Lett. 2005, 7, 3541-3544.
  • Application of computational methods in organic chemistry
    • Recent work:
      Aziridinium ring opening: a simple ionic reaction pathway with sequential transition states
      M. A. Silva and J. M. Goodman Tetrahedron Letters 2005, 46, 2067-2069.


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