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The Silicon Graphics Teaching Laboratory
has been replaced by the
Chemical Information Laboratory
and this information is for historical interest only

Books and Reviews

  • General Text Books:
    • Chemical Applications of Molecular Modelling J M Goodman Royal Society of Chemistry 1998
    • Molecular Mechanics Across Chemistry A K Rappé and C J Casewit University Science Books 1997
    • Molecular Modelling: Principles and Applications A R Leach Longman 1996
    • Computational Chemistry G H Grant and W G Richards OUP 1995
    • Experiments in Computational Chemistry W J Hehre, L D Burke, A J Shusterman, W J Pietro Wavefunction Inc. 1993
    • Molecular Mechanics U Burkert, N L Allinger ACS 1982

  • Useful Reviews:
    • Reviews in Computational Chemistry K B Lipkowitz and D B Boyd (editors) VCH (Eleven Volumes 1990 - 1997)
    • Molecular Mechanics and Modeling E R Davidson (editor) Chemical Reviews 1993, 93, #7
      • Transition State Modeling with Empirical Force-Fields, J E Eksterowicz and K N Houk
      • Molecular Mechanics in Organic Synthesis, K B Lipkowitz and M A Peterson
      • Simulations of Peptide Conformational Dynamics and Thermodynamics, C L Brooks and D A Case
    • Computer simulation of molecular dynamics: methodology, applications and perspectives in chemistry W F van Gunsteren, H J C Berendsen; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 1990 29, 992-1023.

  • More Mathematical Textbooks:
    • Numerical Recipes W H Press, B P Flannery, S A Teukolsky, W T Vetterling Cambridge University Press
    • A Computational Approach to Chemistry D M Hirst Blackwell Scientific Publications 1990
    • Physical Chemistry P W Atkins Oxford University Press

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