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Jaguar may be used as an independent program, but it is easiest to set up calculations using the Maestro interface.
  • Documentation as PDF files in the directory: /usr/glea/schrodinger/docs/jaguar4/pdf/
  • Helpful utilities: and jag2molden
  • To run a Jaguar input file type: jaguar run
  • To list Jaguar jobs type: jaguar jobs
  • To stop Jaguar jobs type: jaguar stop

  • Jaguar jobs often take a long time to run, so they should be submitted to a batch queue. To do this, do not submit the jobs directly from Maestro, but save the input file ( Submit this to a batch queue by typing 'jagbat'
  • Jaguar will currently only run on a-gle, b-gle and c-gle.

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