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Alternate names aS,5S metolachlor

Notes Metolachlor is a pesticide which has a chiral centre and also shows axial chirality. The latter does no appear to have a big effect on its activity, but the S form is more active than the R form.

Literature Enantiomeric separation of metolachlor and its metabolites using LC-MS and CZE
C. Klein, R. J. Schneider, M. T. Meyer and D. S. Aga Chemosphere 2006, 62, 1592-1599.


Canonical SMILES


MInChI v0.9
MInChIxe1 C15H22ClNO2 c1xh5xh13xh8 xh6xh7xh11xl 2xr15xl13xr1 7xl14xl18xr9 xh16xr12xl3x r10xh19xh4xs h6xh8xc12Hxc 5xc9xh10H2xc 1xh4H3xst12x hxsm0xss1

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