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CP3: NMR data
DP4: NMR data
force field evaluation
InChIKey collision
RInChI project
solubility challenge

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glucose oxidase representations
A series of representations of an enzyme moving

experimental data checker
Check molecular data in theses and papers - project with the RSC and Peter Murray-Rust

chemical calculations
Check molecular weights, find formulae from high-resolution mass spec data, simulate RotaVap behaviour, visualise kinetics, etc.

An index of websites for university chemistry departments around the world and for chemistry journals

alkane conformations
What shape are unbranched alkanes?

fluxional behaviour

nitrone transition states
Transition states for Tetrahedron 2002, 58, 3667-3671.

t-butylisopinocampheylchloroborane adduct to acetophenone

π molecular orbitals for octatetraene

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